MGA Twin Cam Cars are Thriving in Southern California

California was a delightful place for a young motor enthusiast who grew up with Soap Box Derby Racers, the "American Graffiti" hot rod scene in the mid 1950's, and then when the MGA Roadster appeared in the late 1950's, life was good!

During College I bought a standard 1956 MGA Roadster as a daily driver through the hills of the San Francisco Bay area. Before marriage and graduate school in the East, the red 1500cc was sold in 1958.

In 1978, after 20 years without an open roadster, it seemed only appropriate to rekindle my MGA love affair, and so began my continuing search for these cars. The MGA Twin Cam became the object of my search. The remains of two Twin Cam Roadsters, several engines, running gear, brakes and wheels were located and obtained locally. Thus began a hobby business which needed to pay its own way, separate from family needs and my architectural practice. It is now 2008, fifty years since I enjoyed my first MGA Roadster, and thirty years since this hobby business was named 'Auto Vintagery' (now These cars are a passion in my life and I have vowed to restore as many as possible to like new condition so their beauty will not be lost by this generation.

At least 50 MG cars, the bulk of which were four wheel disc brake models have made their home here. Of these, my memory wants to say, there have been over 40 Twin Cams and 4 Mark II Deluxes. Some have been fully restored to their former glory while others have stayed for a short time and traveled elsewhere, but ultimately saved from extinction.

Twin Cams belonging to other owners have also been restored by us and are in addition to those mentioned above. In all, none have been historical racing gems, but all are standard appropriate examples of our favorite models. At least one now has a racing history.

Five are now under restoration here in Southern California (YD3/1118, YD3/1515, YD3/1586, YD3/1678 and YDH5/1940). Please advise me if I need to make any corrections to the following list of Auto Vintagery Twin Cam Alumni..

The search continues - amazingly cars do continue to surface for the passionate enthusiast. My wife cautions that the number of cars at the end cannot be greater than those that came off of the original factory line... Safety Fast in Southern California!!


Twin Cam Cars Passing Through Auto Vintagery

Twin Cam Cars:
1. YD3/543 Fully Restored for Tom Westphal 2007
2. YD3/584 Fully Restored for Dave Young 1999
3. YD3/639 Arranged Sale to Carl George 1998
4. YD3/721 Sold Unrestored to Ralph Zbarsky Early 1990's
5. YD3/754 Restored for Arizona Customer 2014
6. YD3/765 Restored for Jack Queen 2012
7. YD3/789 Sold Unrestored to Robbin Hawley Late 1970's
8. YD3/831 Sold to and Restored for Paul Norris 2014
9. YD3/870 Sold to and Restored for Pat Orinno Late 1990's
10. YM3/1007 Sold to and Restored for Carl George Late 1990's
11. YD3/1019 Bought from Jim Griffith Mid 1980's
12. YM3/1037 Sold to Jerry Alban Late 1990's
13. YD3/1118 Awaiting Restoration 2015 - Available Now!
14. YD3/1131 Sold to ?? Mid 1980's
15. YD3/1169 Arranged Sale to Tom Krevetz Mid 1990's
16. YD3/1194 Sold to Pepe Dias Garza Early 1990's
17. YD3/1207 Arranged Sale to Pepe Dias Garza Early 1990's
18. YD3/1269 Sold Unrestored to Harold Gill Early 1980's
19. YD3/1284 Sold to and Restored for Dr. David Doll Early 1980's
20. YD3/1312 Sold to Tim Bradley (England) Early 1980's
21. YD3/1350 Sold to Charles Felder Mid 1980's
22. YD3/1358 Sold to and Restored for John Bertolotti 2008
23. YD3/1359 Complete Restoration. Sold with the help of Beaulieu Motors after 6 years of European Motoring adventures. 2010
24. YM3/1370 Sold to and Restored for Pat Orinno 2007
25. YD3/1416 Sold Partially Restored to Tom Krevetz Mid 1990's
26. YM3/1465 Sold to and Restored for Carl George Mid 1990's
27. YD3/1498 Restored for Auto Vintagery. Former Tony Sims racer. 2007
28. YD3/1515 Owned by Autovintagery 2015 - Available Now!
29. YM3/1545 Sold to Glen Tarlton Mid 1980's
30. YD3/1578 Sold to and Restored for Bill King 2005
31. YD3/1586 Awaiting Restoration 2015 - Available Now!
32. YD3/1589 Sold to Mark Smith Late 1980's
33. YD3/1597 Sold to Charles Daubs Mid 1980's
34. YD3/1678 Awaiting Restoration 2015 - Available Now!
35. YD3/1728 Sold to John Dormer (Much race history) Early 1980's
36. YDH5/1940 Owned by Autovintagery 2015 - Available Now!
37. YM3/2051 Restored for Pat Orrino 2015
38. YM3/2069 Sold to John Bertolotti 2008
39. YM3/2087 In Restoration for Rich Witzel 2015
40. YD3/2212 Sold to and Restored by Martin Swan (Australia) 2012
41. YD3/2356 Sold to and Restored for John Kernan 2003
42. YD3/2403 Sold to ?? (Washington State) Mid 1990's
Mark II Deluxe Cars:
1. GHNL2 102731 Restored for Mr. & Mrs. Barkei 2008
2. GHNL2 108285 Restored and sold to Germany Late 1980's
3. GNHL2 108287 Sold to Ms. Palmer Mid 1990's
4. GNHL2 108301 Sold to Brown/Gammons. Became Monte Carlo winning car with much race history. Complete restoration for Pat Orrino. 2012

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